Our Mission

Our Intended Impact

  • Percent of commercial spaces rented
  • Reduced to no property foreclosures
  • An increased in assessed tax values
  • Broad selection of local businesses.

Context and Process

Goals & Strategies:

  • Increase communication and collaboration with stakeholders by convening quarterly meeting
  • Together with partners, articulate focus areas and funding sources of each and distribute.
  • Sign a Memorandum of Understanding with the BID to support business development in Sherman Park.
  • Develop a memorandum of understanding with St. Joseph’s for a long-term partnership.
  • Create a marketing and recruitment package to support a development opportunity on Burleigh Street.
  • Conduct a marketing campaign that targets businesses, entrepreneurs and investors for development opportunities on Burleigh Street.
  • Conduct a comprehensive marketing campaign aimed at residents to promote local businesses and encourage neighborhood patronization.
  • Implement the Jobs Connect Program.
  • Support businesses through technical assistance.
  • Involve stakeholders in creating business criteria and a long-term vision for Burleigh Street.
  • Complete a board matrix of skills needed to meet goals and board development plan to meet needs.
  • Recruit new board members
  • Develop and implement a PR plan around each of the CDCs main initiatives: Jobs Connect, recruiting business and successes.
  • Working with the BID and other stakeholders, spearhead aesthetic and public improvements that foster a better business and pedestrian environment on Burleigh Street.
  • Convene stakeholders to identify potential catalytic project.
  • Develop and execute a catalytic project on Burleigh Street.



  • James Phelps
  • Dana Becker
  • Dave Steele
  • Renee Lindner
  • James Hiller
  • The Board of Burleigh Street CDC
    • James Phelps
    • Carolyn Walker
    • Dave Steele
    • Dana Becker
    • Antoine McDuffie
    • Lorraine Williams
    • Cory Harris
    • Jamshid Zonoozi
  • Nonprofit Management Fund – premier sponsor/funder
  • Pam Ozimek – former board member
  • Law Offices of James A. Hiller
  • Fred Curzan and Tom Lifvendahl - Sherman Park Community Association
  • Brenda Cooper - BID # 27
  • Pastor Tim Perkins - Bethel Bethany United Church of Christ
  • Marjorie Rucker - LISC Milwaukee
  • Capt. Regina Howard - Milwaukee Police Department District 7
  • Steve Mahan - City of Milwaukee
  • Karen Nagel – Tri-Block
  • Laura Fischer - Auer Community
  • Rochelle Brien - Norwood Neighbors
  • Jennifer West – Wheaton Franciscan – St. Joseph Campus